PROUD MOMENT: World-class accolade to AMRC’s Prof. Marco Amabili

marco head 01


Congratulations to Prof. Marco Amabili, Advisor from our Advanced Materials Research Center [AMRC] team, for receiving the prestigious ‘Cataldo Agostinelli and Angiola Gili Agostinelli’ International Prize, awarded by the Lincei National Academy of Sciences of Italy.

The award was conferred upon Prof. Amabili in Rome recently by Professor Giorgio Parisi, the 2021 Nobel laureate in Physics, making it extra special. Prof. Amabili’s award-wining research focuses on areas of mechanical vibrations, composite structures, and vascular biomechanics.

The winner of leading international awards and the author of two monographs published by Cambridge University press and a plethora of scientific papers, Prof. Amabili oversees groundbreaking research at AMRC in the field of advanced materials, and composite structures including mechanics, smart materials, control, signal processing, and vibration analysis.

Reacting to his win, Prof. Amabili said: “I am truly humbled to receive this prestigious award for my research. In the last two years I have won three extraordinary prizes, but this one is special for me because the award ceremony was in person in the midst of a pandemic, and I received it from a Nobel Laureate, which is a huge honour.”

Prof. Amabili, who has been associated with Universities in both Italy and Canada for many years, also lauds the UAE and TII’s vision and commitment to deep-tech research. A firm believer in the role of research in shaping future-proof societies, Prof. Amabili believes that the efforts undertaken by the UAE, and particularly TII, in the field of research holds a lot of promise in inspiring young researchers in the UAE and the wider region to gain international visibility and reputation.

“The UAE has a good and long-term vision with regard to investments to boost research. Undoubtedly, it is important to enhance knowledge and build reputation through investing in people and allowing them to grow. The world is changing at a speed that has never been seen before. For this reason, an ambitious Research Center like TII, which wants to establish itself quickly, is very important for the country and will have a central role to play in boosting the economy and advancing the high technology industry in the future,” he says.